Wood types used for carving and sculpture


In wood carving are used almost all types of woods, exception make the resinous
or coniferous wood family because their fiber is very rare and too soft.

Resin contains a high amount of resin. Some of the resinous trees are fir, pine,
spruce fir and duglas tree.

Here i will make a short description about the type of wood i used to cultivate
my talent or inclination for wood carving..

linden wood texture Linden Wood
The linden tree is very easy to work with because his
fiber is soft, the color is white to yellow and is very easy
to manipulate, especially with the chisel. The structure
of the linden wood is equable with an invisible straight
fiber. The linden tree is mostly suitable and very recommended for beginners in wood carving.

oak wood texture Oak Wood
The oak is a valuable wood type for wood carving and
it is the most preferred wood in this art line. The oak
consists of a hard fiber structure, this wood can be very easily recognized, even by its aroma. However, the oak
is harder to work on compared with the linden tree, but
the oak is more beautiful with a good definite structure
of an equable yellow to brown visible wood fibers, impressive aligned in the wood.

mahogany wood texture Mahogany Wood
Mahogany is a very precious wood type. This is a wood
with a color of dark brown to dark red with a kind of
shine. The wood texture is straight with fine freckles.
This type of wood can be easily carved, even if the
hardness of the fiber is high enough.

walnut wood texture Walnut Wood
The walnut is also a precious wood, is having a very beautiful fiber with a dark brown tone but even other
tones. The fibers are visible, straight, and more curly
near the roots. Wood carving and sculpture made from
walnut tree looks very beautiful.

maple wood texture Sycamore Maple Wood
The maple wood is good for wood carving.
This wood is having a kind of white color to easy
yellow. The texture is fine and equable with a silky
aspect and easily visible fibers.

ash wood texture Ash Wood
The ash wood is very similar with the oak wood, the
color is bright yellow and with a straight texture, the
wood structure is homogeneous with long and straight fibers easily visible. This type of wood can be easyly
carved with the chisels almost identical with the oak

sweet cherry wood texture Sweet Cherry Wood
The sweet cherry wood is often used in wood carving
and sculpture because it is easy to work with and looks
very good. The texture color is yellow to red with visible straight and curly fibers, uneven.

pear wood texture Pear Wood
The pear wood is one of the most hardest wood type.
This type of wood is very hard for carving. The color
is yellow to bright red with an unbalanced structure
and almost invisible fibers with rare spots.

Carving techniques Different carving techniques can
be applied with different tools.
Techniques of wood carving
explained in depth.

Hand and power tools
Types of tools used for wood
carving. Multi-functional wood
carving tools, hand tools, power
tools and complete carving sets.

Selecting a wood
Every wood type has its own
nature.. and since the wood
is not equally strong in all
directions, the design must be
arranged keeping this in mind.