Ancient worlds wood carving styles

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The Egyptian Wood Carving Style

The Egyptians are considered the oldest furniture creators, they are the first
people who applied various technique to process the wood.

Using some tools created by them for wood carving, such as the drill, saw, chisel,
right concave, ax and hammer.

The Egyptian style is characterized by certain elements of old furniture
construction. The work is characterized by geometric elements, plants, figures
of humans and animals, using a lot rules of the reiterative decoration, alternate,
rhythm, symmetry and contrast. Materials used by them were: tisa wood, cedar,
olive and sicorom. Egyptian furniture structure was simple and slow, as tools
for woodworking were a few. Joints being reinforced by ties of palm fiber, wood
nails, strips of leather and ropes.

Caldeo-Assyrian Wood Carving Style

Like the Egyptian style, this Caldeo-Assyrian style did not had a great
development in the decorative art. From some fragmented or sculpted
architectural works, found in the territory where the ancient peoples of
Mesopotamia lived, its has been draw some conclusions on the form,
structure and functionality of these art objects and furniture.
The furniture objects were very heavy, with straight surfaces and
always covered with decorative elements carved with metal plates or
precious stones.

The ornamentation of this style has always been an important element in
building furniture. The most useful ornaments was those with a geometric
character, very diverse in design, made through the sculpture, painting,
plating and inlay, using both precious stones but also gold and silver.

Wood Carving Styles of India, China and Japan

The Indian Style is characterized by the same tendency to rich and fine well
executed ornaments, full of fantasy and many geometric and vegetal elements,
admirable stylized. Indian-style furniture was more poor in terms of their design
range and much shorter than the Assyrian furniture, instead it has richly
sculpted surfaces on all the elements, with gold painted ornaments and inlays
of gold and ivory.

Chinese Style had a certain feature in the art of furniture, due to the lifestyle
of the Chinese. Items of furniture were made of: square or round tables and very
low level, canopy beds, deep banks and even some deep cabinets like shelves.
For their construction, the Chinese have used ebony wood, rosy wood and other
exotic wood species.

All items were designed with sculpture, with an original ornamentation, using
certain scenes of human life, very interesting interpreted animal and vegetal
elements, the main feature being the great finishing and the use of ivory and gold.

Japanese Style influenced by the Chinese style and is more like it, the ornaments
on the furniture was in general much more poor and simple, but executed with
an exceptional skill and precision, characterized by carving and ivory inlays,
shells, etc.. The finishing was very clear, beautiful and durable.

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