About CristinSculpture

cristin sculpture Cristin is a carver from Romania and his passion for carving begun at an early age in her own family.
Since then, Cristin is creating many wood carving products for practical uses, decorational, or religious scenes. Here you can view a few of her carvings
This website was created from the wish of helping other people to learn one of the
oldest and most valued art preoccupation of humans: Wood carving and sculpture - which brings beauty for the eye, and serenity for the soul.

This is a type of art in which is invested heart, patience and sweat, every result
is a unique creation, a state of spirit and mind, and a piece of art.

In this website you can find many useful information that can help you
understand and learn the art of wood carving, some of the articles are made based
on the historical references, and most of the guides and pages in this site are made
by Cristin itself.

Please feel free to contact the artist about any questions you might have.

Carving techniques Different carving techniques can
be applied with different tools.
Techniques of wood carving
explained in depth.

Hand and power tools
Types of tools used for wood
carving. Multi-functional wood
carving tools, hand tools, power
tools and complete carving sets.

Selecting a wood
Every wood type has its own
nature.. and since the wood
is not equally strong in all
directions, the design must be
arranged keeping this in mind.